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Apr 23,  · About the bladder Holding in pee for too long can be harmful to the bladder and other parts of the body. The bladder is the organ that receives urine from the kidneys via the ureters, which are Author: Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA. Bladder training, a program of urinating on schedule, enables you to gradually increase the amount of urine you can comfortably hold. Bladder training is a mainstay of treatment for urinary frequency and overactive bladder in both women and men, alone or in conjunction with medications or other techniques.

Nov 16,  · A Foley catheter is a tube put into your bladder to drain urine into a bag. Keep the bag below your waist. This will prevent urine from flowing back into your bladder and causing an infection or other problems. Also, keep the tube free of kinks so the urine will drain properly.