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Aug 25,  · This thread will serve as the 'adult circumcision thread'. 1. Members can discuss the pre-operative concerns, their thoughts on undergoing circumcision and how the experience was if they finished getting circumcised as adults. Welcome to Inter-Circ: This is a global male circumcision forum encouraging discussion of the pros and cons of circumcision as an adult; methods and results; and where to get a circumcision. The group is also for those who feel that male circumcision is a perfectly acceptable parental decision resulting from religious, cultural, medical or family considerations. .

This forum focuses on questions or concerns by partners of men considering circumcision as an adult, or of men who were already circumcised as an adult. 11 3 days, 5 hours ago. Mar 09,  · On the other hand (no pun intended) some reported greater satisfaction post circumcision. I have a very strong opinion against infant circumcision for a number of very good and logical reasons. But I also support that in some cased it is necessary. And it certainly is the right of every adult individual to make that choice.