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Other information: The salmon daily limit is 6 fish of which only 2 may be adult chinook. Only hatchery chinook and hatchery coho may be retained. Closed waters and night closure, anti-snagging rule, boat and access restrictions remain the same as listed in the Fishing in Washington pamphlet. Information contact: () For. An estimated adult hatchery coho salmon returned to the Russian River basin in the winter of /20; the third highest number in recent record. An estimated 75% of these fish were 2-year olds ("jacks" or "jills"), indicating a high jack rate.

Coho salmon seem to be larger in Alaska but this does not seem to have been documented, and pink and chum are often % of adult offspring 2 x 4+ 4+ x 4+ Hankin et al. Sired by jacks Sired by older males. Genetic control over age at return . Evaluation of the behavior and movement patterns of adult coho salmon and steelhead in the North Fork Toutle River, Washington, Series title: Open-File Report: Series number: DOI: /ofr Year Published: Language: English: Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey: Publisher location: Reston, VA: Contributing.

A researcher measures a dead coho found in Seattle’s Longfellow Creek in More than a decade ago, researchers began noticing that adult coho were dying before returning to spawn in . for urban streams during adult coho die-off events. Materials and Methods A paucity of coho spawners in urban streams throughout this study placed important constraints on sample collection for the purposes of a forensic analysis. Spawner abundances were generally low and unpredictable in urban streams where the die-off phenomenon occurs.