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Fun Easter Games and Activities for adults. Easter Egg Painting Competition Yes, this is the most popular and interesting activity for adults to do in the Easter party. No matter how old you are, you can always give your best at creativity. Egg painting competition can be a great idea to entertain the adult guests in your Easter celebration. Guess the Number of Eggs; This game is so easy to play that even younger kids can participate. Before everyone arrives to the Easter party, fill a clear jar with some type of Easter candy, such as Cadbury Mini Eggs, Easter Milk Chocolate Kisses, or other egg-shaped candies.

Shop for indoor and outdoor Easter games the kids will love: Bunny sack race bags, carrot stacking games, bunny ring toss, and more. Easter Games for Adults. We played this game and me and londa were the winners, we won two movie tickets!!!! Boom good team. Saved by k. Easter Party Games Easter Birthday Party Birthday Games Easter Games For Kids Birthday Recipes Hoppy Easter Easter Eggs Easter Egg Hunt Ideas Games.

Halloween costumes for adults and kids - We have what you need to make your costume ideas come to life at Shop today to find unique Costume ideas! Life's better in costume. Easter Acrostics. Age: Adults and older children No. of players: Any number Equipment: Pen or pencil per person; copy of this game handout per person (see below) Time: 5+ minutes Aim: To write a set of words with the most letters within a given time limit. The rules for this game are found on the first page of the PDF handout or you can read them here.. Click here for a PDF handout of Easter.