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What are the symptoms of adult strabismus? An adult with strabismus will experience double vision. The onset can be sudden or gradual, says Dr. Howard. The distortion may occur only sometimes or in specific circumstances. In adults, a sudden onset of esotropia can be a sign of a very serious condition. 2  In infants and toddlers, esotropia is usually a sign of an abnormal development of the binocular system that develops in the brain. However, there are other causes.

Exotropia, often referred to as “wall-eyed,” is a type of strabismus that causes one or both of the eyes to turn outwards. Exotropia is a common condition, making up nearly 25% of all early childhood ocular misalignments.. There are several subtypes of exotropia, including intermittent, congenital, acquired, sensory and consecutive. Nov 05,  · Childhood exotropia (outward deviation) is a horizontal exodeviation characterised by visual axis forming a divergent angle. It usually begins as exophoria. Exophoria is a condition in which eyes are straight without deviation when both eyes are open. However, eye under cover deviates on cover-uncover test or alternate cover test. It may progress to exotropia which [ ].

Nov 08,  · Esotropia is a condition that causes the eyes to turn inward. It can emerge during the first year of life, or it may appear in adulthood as a result of an underlying condition, such as Jayne Leonard. Acute acquired comitant esotropia (AACE) is an unusual presentation of esotropia that occurs in older children and adults. AACE is characterized by acute onset of a relatively large angle of esotropia, along with diplopia and minimal refractive error [ 1, 2.