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Guardianship Services are provided to individuals who are alleged to be incompetent or adjudicated incompetent by the court. For adults who have been adjudicated incompetent by the court, directors or assistant directors of local Departments of Social Services often serve as guardians. Services Include: Assessing an individual's need for guardianship. Guardianship Services About guardians Guardian and ward are legal terms used to indicate the relationship between someone who protects another (the guardian) and the person being protected (the ward). In Texas, a person does not have a guardian until an application to appoint one is filed with a court, a hearing is held and a judge appoints a guardian.

Limited guardianship allows the probate court to appoint someone as guardian over only the portion of a person’s life where the person is both incompetent and has a need. If no one is available to care for the disabled person, the court appoints the Cabinet for Health and Family Services state guardian. The duties of the state guardian include: Full Guardianship/Full Conservator – The Cabinet is responsible for the personal and financial needs of the ward. A court has found the ward fully disabled and all personal and financial rights are removed .

That’s where a conservatorship, or adult guardianship, might come in. It’s not simple to arrange, usually requires a lawyer, and needs a judge’s approval. But it might help solve the huge problem of who makes major decisions that involve her when she can’t do so herself and there aren’t enough other written directions. Feb 03,  · Professional guardians will help to select and monitor any types of services required by the adult, such as selecting a nursing home or in-home care, approving medical treatment, etc. Some professional guardians obtain access to the financial assets of the person for whom they are a guardian, in order to pay for the services the adult requires%(29).