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The Life/form Adult Intraosseous Infusion Simulator includes palpable landmarks, replaceable bones and skin, and a pressurized system to allow aspiration of fluid. Included with the simulator are 10 replaceable simulated bones, four replaceable skin pads, simulated blood, lubricating jelly, towels, I/O needle, and syringe with tubing. Title: Adult (> or equal to 18 years of age) Intraosseous Insertion, Care, and Maintenance #’s &MEDS Page 2 of 3 C. Care and Maintenance 1. A Registered Professional Nurse (RN) may administer medications and fluids by the intraosseous route .

Intraosseous infusion has few contra-indications and the success rate is very high, whilst the rate of complications is very low. The use of intraosseous infusion was restricted to use in the resuscitation of children (overtaking saphenous vein cutdown) and military medicine for a number of years but is now increasingly being used in adults. This video demonstrates the placement of an intraosseous needle in adult patients. Both mechanical, drill-based insertion and manual insertion are shown.

A review of the evolution of intraosseous access in tactical settings and a feasibility study of a human cadaver model for a humeral head approach. Military Medicine. Aug;(8 Suppl) Pepitas F, et al. Use of intra-osseous access in adults: a systematic review. Critical Care. () Greenstein Y, et al. The NIO Adult is an automatic intraosseous access device packaged for quick, safe, easy vascular access in 10 seconds or less *.