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Online Resources. Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) is the world's largest digital library of education literature. The Encylopedia of informal education includes pages on a number of important thinkers in the history of adult education, including John Dewey, Paulo Freire, Malcolm Knowles, Eduard Lindeman, and others.. Literacy Information and . Jan 13,  · Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) providers are organizations with instructors delivering English language, math, reading, writing and workforce training instruction to help adult students acquire the skills needed to succeed in the workforce, earn a high school equivalency, and enter and succeed in college or workforce vaginals.xyz contracts with a wide variety of .

In today’s workplace, only 40% of adults who dropped out of high school are employed, compared to 60% of adults who completed high school and 80% for those with a bachelor’s degree. SOURCE: Alliance for Excellent Education, Impact of Education on: Personal Income & Employment, The Impacts of the GED Credential and Regular High School Diploma on the Employment, Unemployment, Weekly and Annual Earnings, and Income Experiences of Native-Born Adults () in the U.S. in , , and

Adult Education and Literacy Services - Workforce Development & Adult Learning Adult Education and Literacy Services is an integral part of the Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning, providing instruction and services in. Virtual English as a Second Language Adult Education Intern--Summer Atlanta, GA USA Job Title: Virtual English as a Second Language Adult Education Intern--Summer Sector: Education Employment International Rescue Committee (IRC) Updated: TZ.