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Feb 13,  · Once the visitor has clicked out of your site, it's up to the merchant to make the sale. You get paid, regardless of the outcome. Search the web for trends and ideas for websites, and include the year in your search so that you avoid wasting search results on what was hot in Views: M. Yes, you can make money with porn, however, it is not a get rich quick scheme. If you’re serious, you’re going to need some serious financial backing. You can not host an adult site on a measly.

Mar 13,  · There are also other barriers you’ll have to cross in order to make money online from adult oriented websites: The difficulty of getting accepted by a payment processing system. As far as I know the majority of credit card processing systems won’t make their services available for websites with adult content (Paypal, 2checkout and so on). Jan 07,  · Another way to make money with affiliate marketing is to buy ad spots on other websites that already have existing traffic relevant to your interests (i.e., adult traffic). This is called Media Buying.

Jan 14,  · Remember, the more traffic you get the more money you can potentially make from a website. Sometimes social media can be easier to attract than search engine traffic (at least in the short term) and in turn increase the revenue of their money-making website. In fact, many websites rely on social media for the majority of their traffic.