Sissys dream yumikos story episode JD5 - adult sissy baby storys


adult sissy baby storys - Sissys dream yumikos story episode JD5

Jan 21, - Explore Polly Vynal's board "Sissy Baby" on Pinterest. See more ideas about sissy, diaper girl, diaper punishment pins. I was about seven-years-old at the time. My younger sister, Marlene, was six and the baby, Diane was just going on two. For some reason I can’t explain, I became fascinated with the thought of trying on Diane’s diapers and plastic pants. I would spend time watching Mom change Diane’s diapers and offered to help only to be told I was too.

Helen had grown immune to the smell, and she reasoned it was just the price to be paid in taking care of any incontinent toddler or in this case, an adult sissy baby. Nevertheless, whenever Megan came into this wing of the mansion, she often remarked on the smell, making sure to humiliate Ethan while she was at it. Finding plastic baby pants to fit her big baby might be a problem, she thought, but he was fairly slim and she decided to try the largest pair she could find. Lauren picked out a package of flat birdseye diapers and a package of the Diaper Service prefolds as well as a three pack of the largest size baby pants and a package of baby blue diaper.

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