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adult wm5/6 themes - My theme! Gangbang going to the party

Mar 03,  · * Adaptive skins adjusted to the main theme color * Today plug-in Version (Jan 26, ): * Wireless Monitor widget for SPB Mobile Shell added * Support for Windows Mobile added * Bug fixes Requirements: WM, PPC. Dec 26,  · Posted Dec 26, – Updated April 17, People ask me all the time why, if I think Windows Phone is such an excellent product, sales appear so lackluster. My belief is Microsoft’s “end-user first” approach with WP7 has a impedance mismatch with the carriers & device manufacturers while Google’s approach reduces friction with carriers & device .

Sep 09,  · * Supports all resolutions through the use of themes * Customize the clock's appearance on the taskbar * Hear sounds for system events, just like on your desktop * Download and install themes created by other people * Provides finger-friendly menus and message boxes * Switch between running apps using thumbnails of each app Requirements: WM Latest Updates-> SPB Mobile Shell v New Release!here New version Inesoftphone v English Click here New SPB Mobile Shell Change SKIN v Click here New Documents To Go v Click here HTC Espresso Theme For Mobile Shell here Spb .

Mar 18,  · you can take ANY wallpaper or theme file(*.tsk) from WM5,6, and install it (double click) or just put it under /windows. then goto today and change the background\theme. WM is not made of gold you know. Dec 26,  · Also a lot of people are stuck on the MS of the 90’s, a lot has changed, the company is making cool innovative stuff. But the minds of the masses don’t allow for new thought to creep in and replace old perceptions. Just as Google carries old ideas of the past “open” and “don’t be evil”, but is now like the MS of the 90’s.