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The Appropriate Adult Scheme for Persons with Mental Disabilities (AAPMD) Scheme provides support to various law enforcement stakeholders during the investigating interviews involving defendants, victims, or witnesses suspected of having Intellectual Disability (ID), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and/or Mental Health issues through trained volunteers. An Appropriate Adult acts independently from the Police to ensure that all processes necessary are conducted fairly and properly whilst a detained person is in custody. What Is An Appropriate Adult?

A person who requires an appropriate adult has the right to have someone they know (such a parent, partner or carer). As an alternative, there are appropriate adult schemes. These are organised locally. If you want to find out more about schemes in your area, you can use our Network Map. Appropriate adults (or AAs) safeguard the welfare, rights and effective participation of children and vulnerable adults detained or interviewed as suspects. NAAN works towards a fairer justice system by improving the effectiveness of appropriate adults. COVID information.

Jan 10,  · 1. Introduction and background. Introduction. This statutory guidance is published by the Scottish Ministers under the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act (“the Act”) and contains information for local authorities pertaining to the delivery of Appropriate Adult services and related training duties. Local authorities must have regard to this guidance when undertaking these functions. Appropriate adults help to ensure that vulnerable adults are not disadvantaged, in comparison to adults who are not vulnerable, during police procedures. Police procedures can include interviews, identification procedures and forensic examinations.