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Listed here is a fantastic collection of chocolate riddles like the one just presented. These are an amazing group of funny and intriguing questions that are related to chocolate in various ways. Since these are all about the traditional candy, this fantastic set of chocolate riddles and answers would be great to use in treasure or scavenger hunts. The winner is the player with the most chocolate buttons in their bowl! More chocolate for the winner? We’ll leave that one up to you! Chocolate shots. Beware, this one could get a little messy! For this game you’ll need a box of our tasty chocolate shot cups, some milk, a way to heat it up and a thermometer.

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Jun 14,  · At its heart,the original Chocolatier is a trading game. It reminds me a little bit of the Tradewinds series of games, but has its own flair and quite a different challenge. The story version puts you in the heart of the rift between the two sisters fighting over the family chocolate vaginals.xyzs: Chocolate Personality Game (Ice Breaker!) Milk Chocolate You're an all American who loves baseball, Mom & apple pie. You're a cheerleader for your program, level-headed, a good PR person and a great fundraiser. You're also kind, thoughtful, and always remember everyone's Size: 60KB.