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The New Martyrs of the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church; Ukrainian Religious Holidays; Christ Our Pascha, Catechism of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Catechism of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is an achievement; Examination of Conscience for Adults. The Ukrainian Catholic Church in Palatine, IL has served EVERYONE. Located at South Benton Street Palatine, IL Tel: ()

View original article here Posted by: Taras Semenyuk in Bishop Peter's Articles, General May 2, 0 Views This is a very complicated question and I’m sure that there are no easy answers, and probably no one answer – there are many. Some people never went to church in the first place. Yes they came with their parents and grandparents. Adult education classes are conducted throughout the year. The aim of these classes for adults, is to instruct the faithful in the teachings and tradition of the Orthodox Church; spiritually arming them to face the world, and to strengthen their relationship with God.

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry is dedicated to the education and enlightenment of young people in the teachings of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. This ministry has devoted people working with young people from teenagers to young adults in their early 40’s. We continue to work on strengthening ourselves and the church community as a. The Ukrainian Church. The Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (further The UGCC) is the largest Eastern Catholic Church of its own law (Ecclesia sui juris). The UGCC belongs to the group of Churches of the Byzantine rite which are in complete mutual communion with the Roman Hierarch and acknowledge his spiritual and jurisdictional this context “rite” means the .