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proper way of using a condom - Eat your cum out of this used condom you little slut CEI

Aug 30,  · Check the wrapper properly before using the condom. If the packet is torn, avoid using it. Ensure that the packet or the condom itself does not have any holes and cracks. Never use a condom in combination with petroleum jelly, lotion, baby oil, butter and cooking oil, or any other similar oils. Jul 06,  · Place condom on the head of the erect, hard penis. If uncircumcised, pull back the foreskin first. Pinch air out of the tip of the condom. Unroll condom all the way down the penis.

To properly size a condom, start by getting an accurate measurement by following a few, simple steps: Ensure the penis is fully erect before measuring. Placing the measuring tape along the top (not the underside) of the penis, measure from where the penis and pubic bone meet (the "base") all the way to the tip of the penis. Holding the tip between your thumb and pointer finger, begin to unroll the condom all the way to the base of your partner’s erect (hard) penis. This usually requires two hands.

A condom is a thin, fitted tube worn over the penis during sex (male condoms) or inserted into the vagina before sex (female condoms). Condoms can . Sep 13,  · Here’s how to use an outside condom correctly: Open the condom wrapper carefully. Don’t use your teeth or scissors, both could accidentally tear or puncture the condom. Check for damage or wear and.