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facial microcurrent frequency and waveform - Women Who Really Know How To Fuck #01

Application of Skin for Life Pure Science performance driven skin care and the diversity of the spatula - blade with exfoliating, minimizing pigment irregula. Radio frequency is a kind of high frequency alternating current electromagnetic wave. When it acts on the face and body, it will cause the vibration of the cells to generate heat. The high temperature generated by heat, generally at ℃, acts on the dermis. The first stage,Heats the collagen cells and cause the collagen to shrink.

Because of the greater precision involved with microcurrent therapies there are differing effects recognized from various waveforms, frequencies and polarity placements of the electrodes. 1 Microcurrent parameters used in PNE balancing are simple polarized, low-frequency currents. I personally became involved with microcurrent during my. Jul 13,  · Microcurrent is a low-Level, alternating current that typically operates in the range microamps. (Here we are talking about the BIO microcurrent instead of Galvanic microcurrent) Radio frequency face lift devices utilize electrical energy to transfer heat energy to the dermis at relatively low temperatures.

With a series of microcurrent treatments you can now rejuvenate your face and take years off, while slowing down the aging process. Want more information? Call us at in Boone or in Johnson City and we'll answer your questions and concerns. Nov 26,  · By inducing the aging of the muscle layer into the depolarization state, the cell electric field is rearranged to restore its activity and function, microcurrent can apply a specific frequency and waveform to the skin layer and muscle layer of the entire face .