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ways to gain weight and breast - Cam Slave Weight on nipples 2 Peso en los pezones 2

Plastic surgeons can let out a sigh of relief -- it's not possible to gain weight just in your breasts. The only way to physically change their shape is through augmentation surgery. You gain weight proportionally all over your body according to your body shape, not just in one area. All Foods: The same foods that cause weight gain in the rest of the body. Most of the breast is just fatty tissue.

Steer clear of foods rich in simple sugars and load up on complex carbs, such as quinoa, wild rice, sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Beware that fruit juices and dried fruits are loaded with sugar and can lead to weight gain. Consume the whole fruit to get more nutrients in your diet. Jun 20,  · The amount of fat determines the size of breast. Since female breasts are composed of fat tissue, the only reliable way is to increase their size is to gain weight. Certain exercises and oil massages help in improving the underneath muscle tissue of the breast and elasticity of the superficial skin thus improving their shape not the size.